Vera&John Casino. Only Tune in to Victory!

About Casino in Common

In this review, we will introduce you to the casino, the name of which already speaks somewhat of itself. At first glance, it might seem that this casino was founded by two other people named Vera and John. But judging by how the site itself claims us, the casino was founded by a group of businessmen who had been working in the field of gambling for several years and decided to start their own business. Thus, in 2012, the world saw the Vera&John casino. The casino website does not contain information about which companies the casino cooperates with. And having just one license is suspicious. Perhaps the casino is not just not available in the UK? The casino claims that their site is the best that can be after sliced ​​bread. Whether it is this or not, we now find out.

The casino is in turn managed by Dumarca Gaming Limited, a company registered in Malta. Thus, the casino has one and only license from Malta. The casino assures that the game on the site of their casino is absolutely reliable and tested, that the players on the site do not make sense to worry about their participation in the casino. At the same time, since September 3, 2021, the casino site has been banned in the UK, USA and a number of countries that are banned.

The casino site has a very pleasant design, the site is decorated in bare tones. If you believe psychologists and color analysis, then the blue color is soothing, therefore, we can assume that the game on the Vera&John casino site will be very calm and relaxing. The site itself is available in several languages, but English is considered basic. Therefore, when reading a section regarding, for example, the terms and conditions, it is worth looking at the site all the same in English to verify the information. The site is convenient and easy to use, as is the registration process on it.

On the site you can find a huge variety of games. In total, more than a thousand different games and slots. The site runs on a large number of software products that enrich the site regularly with new games for England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. The site literally lures new users with its bonus offers and promotions, from which it is impossible to remain indifferent. The presence of live chat and support service posts are all that is needed to provide good help. The site also takes care of itself in the dedicated section Responsible Gaming, where it helps to prevent gambling addiction. And of course the mobile version, without which the online casino is not a casino. The site also provides several options with which you can make a money transfer. How honest is the casino, whether there are high-quality games on the site, whether the support service is competent and whether the casino really draw conclusions, now we will find out.

Assortment of Games

Vera&John casinos run on software from leading providers, whose names have probably already been met by those who have already dealt with gambling. These are such brands as Netent, Play and Go, Red Tiger, NextGen Gaming and many other softwares, which can take too long to list. As already mentioned, on the site you can choose among a huge variety of games – more than a thousand games, most of which are slots, 25 video poker games, 22 types of blackjack, and the rest – a variety of different games of other genres. The games section is almost the first in the top menu console. Without clicking on this section, an already prepared cataloged version appears. All games are divided into categories, and those in turn are divided into one more. The first games to choose are Slots.

As already noted, there are the largest number of them on the site. All slots collected in one section, look, to be honest, not very pretty. Small, unencumbered icons, without a brief description and the ability to play the demo version, that is, without making a real money bet. On the site in the Slots section, you can select filters that make it easier to find the right one. These are filters that help you find a game by its developer, by genre theme, by recommendations and in alphabetical order. You can also reset all the filters and find the game simply by entering its name in the search bar.

After Slots, in the games section there are new arrivals, that is, the newest games on the casino website. And a separate section is devoted to jackpots. Games with accumulated earnings available at many other online casinos. When someone bets to play this game, the jackpot number increases. But whether anyone will ever win in these slots is not known. Here you can try your luck in the game Mega Moolah, Joker Millions, Empire Fortune, and many others.

When the games with the slot machines are finally over, the section on Roulette begins. The games in this section can be sorted by their providers in the same way, the casino independently excludes those options from which there is no roulette game on the site. Among the various types of games, there are also such classic options as American Roulette, European and French Roulette.

And the obligatory section on all online casino sats is Blackjack. It’s almost an old game at 21, which originates almost from the origin of the casino itself. The game, intended solely for “confrontation” with the dealer, on the Vera&John casino site has 22 variations. 22 games in Blackjack, each in its own way, but in general the rules are the same.

The next section is the table games. Here already choose anything – Baccarat or Pontoon, Casino Hold’em, 3 casino hands and many other card games. There is still the opportunity to form games alphabetically and by their providers.

Among the casino games section there is also a section that contains games according to the “Provider of the Month”. This section contains games that have gained a lot of popularity over the past month and are mostly slots.

And of course, Live Casino. Recently gaining option, it is becoming more and more popular. In the live casino section, live dealers are ready to play with site customers around the clock. Here you can find almost all of the above board and card games. Under each game is a signature that shows how much you can bet on this game. Here you can find Roulette and Blackjack and Poker and many other exciting games.

In general terms, the casino deserves a high score for its organization of games on the site. Everything is accessible, convenient and understandable. And the games are of good quality and nice graphics, the only minus will be that the games do not have a demo version, so trying the game before putting real money on it will fail.

Site Map

The site of the casino Vera John will be remembered by its client for its bright blue tones and a memorable emblem. The emblem looks like a red ball, on which the name of the casino is written. The site itself is very convenient. You don’t have to understand tabs for half an hour or look for a function to register. At the very top are common options, such as lobby, register, login, and change the site language. By the way, the site is available in several languages, such as English, German, Japanese, Suomi, Chilean Spanish, Spanish Peraunian and Portuguese. Immediately on the first page, promotional offers and available promotions are displayed. Well and below, of course, you can find a variety of games. At the very bottom of the site is general information, divided into four columns. The first provides information about the casino, the second general information about all sorts of rules, the third will familiarize the client with security and the fourth is responsible for helping players.

Everything is thought out and logical, convenient to use. Even below these sections is the standard information about the casino license, and the programs with which it cooperates. The site is not available in many countries, so VPN comes to the rescue. A VPN site is functioning normally, only often rebooting if it remains idle for a long time. If any errors occurred during the registration attempt, the casino site automatically immediately indicates the links by which customers can contact support. In order to verify your registered account on the site, the player will need to present a standard set of documents, such as identity documents and documents confirming residence. In the first case, it can be a copy of a passport, copyrights, or any other identity document. And in the second case, it can be a copy of the receipt at the utility bill.

When registering, the player himself indicates whether he wants him to be sent information about the current promotions or not.

Support on Vera&John

The site has a very good and well-functioning support service. A whole column is devoted to this on the site, in which you can immediately select the frequently asked questions section, switch to live chat, write to e-mail and more. Selecting the Live Chat function, the player opens a separate browser page that sends the player to live chat. Starting Live Chat, the client will have to choose in which category he has problems, for example, in the matter of verification, account or deposit, and so on. Then indicate your full name and email address. Yes, it will take a little time, but only a little. If the player has a question that requires more details to explain and resolve the issue, he is invited to send an email to the site’s email. Consideration of the letter sent via mail will take longer than the answer in live chat. But not only questions for consideration, but also complaints can be sent to this mail.

Also on the casino website you can find a hotline phone, the tariffs for which connections will be charged in accordance with the player’s tariff plan.

But even these three methods, which are on the site, are not all options for how to contact support. The site has a special section called Frequently Asked Questions. All information on tags is collected there. In this section, in turn, you can also search for the necessary information, thanks to the search bar.

For the design of the support service on the site, the casino can be awarded one more praise. Because everything is organized as conveniently and pleasantly as possible, especially for new users of the site.

Loyalty Program

The way the loyalty program is arranged will probably not surprise anyone. The principle is the same in almost all loyalty programs. The player registers, and already from the moment of registration, begins to receive coins. These coins gradually accumulate, and then the player can already exchange them for prizes or for rewards. All bonuses and other rewards can be obtained by going to a special store. For each activity on the site, the player receives coins. Even for the fact that he registered, he already automatically receives coins (5 coins to be more precise). And further, for each activity, coins accumulate more and more. For example, 50 coins are credited for the first deposit, 25 coins for the second deposit, and so on. For each of his actions on the site, the player receives coins.

Well, coins are issued with a limit. For example, a player receives 10 coins for authorization on a site. But he can receive 10 coins only 1 time per day, which means when re-registering the player will not receive the coin. The limit can be hourly or daily. If there can be 1 limit per hour, then there can be a total of 2 limits per day. Such a rule applies, for example, to the action of a cash game. You can get coins a maximum of 25 times per hour, and 30 times a day. In general, the site has a table with a detailed description of what and how many coins are attached to the player.

Having received a certain number of coins, the player gets the opportunity to exchange them for something worthwhile in the store. For example, for free spins and extra bonuses. Further, by the way you will earn coins and move forward on the loyalty program, your account icon and avatar will change. Also, participating in the loyalty program, you can take part in tournaments and take pride of place. In total, the victory in the tournament is given first, second and third places. But the trick is that everyone participating in the tournament receives a reward.

Also, on the casino website, as in some passing game, you can perform actions and receive achievements for this, which in turn will also affect promotion on the loyalty scale.

Deposit Methods

Casino Vera&John claims that all money withdrawals and deposits are instantly made and or credited to the player’s account or to the account on the casino site. Perhaps the deposit is really instantly credited to the account, but as for the client’s bank account, the site embellishes. On average, money withdrawal is processed at least 24 hours after processing. The casino site offers several systems with which you can easily conduct cash transactions. These are programs such as EcoPayz, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, Skrill and Trustly. All programs are suitable both for making a deposit and for making a withdrawal. The minimum deposit amount is 10 euros in all systems. And the maximum amount already depends on the system you have chosen, for example EcoPayz and Neteller, the maximum amount is 10 thousand euros, in the rest from a thousand to two. On the casino website you can find a separate section on the issue of transfers, where under each system is a brief description.


This is not the case with Vera&John casinos, as casinos are generous with bonuses and promotions. The casino offers a small number of promotions, but not to say that they are very generous and alluring. So, the first bonus is welcome, and its essence lies in the fact that the player who has just registered receives a 200% bonus, up to a maximum of 100 euros or dollars. This bonus, before you withdraw money from the site you need to wager at least 40 times. It is also worth noting that the bonus offer does not apply to all games. It acts on absolutely all slots and only on selective types of card board games. Further, as the player will often play, he will be provided with other deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses will be issued in the amount of 50 and 100% for the full amount of the deposit. Bonus Cup is another type of bonuses available on the site. Unlike bonus bonuses, the deposit cup is available in a fixed rate, regardless of the client’s game. Spin Credits, another bonus concept on the site. Spin Credits imply a certain bonus amount associated with a particular game.

In addition to bonus and promotional offers and tournaments, on the site you can find a small variety of free spins. The first view, it sounds like Free Spins, and probably you do not need to explain how and why they work. The second type, which has several subspecies, is called Super Spins, and all its varieties are a bonus from the QuickSpin provider. Among these spins, there are several types. The first is Trigger Spins, which immediately transfer the player to the game for which they are intended. Pick Spins are almost the same free spins, which only give you the opportunity to choose how many spins to make in the game. And finally Top Spins, which give one spins the opportunity to carry out 5 spins. And according to their results, the player will be awarded the victory for five rounds of rotation.

That’s the whole bonus system on the Vera&John casino site.

Responsible gaming

Like any other casino sites, Vera&John casino is available only to players over eighteen years of age. The game of minor players is blocked and not allowed on the site. Therefore, the casino advises to protect children and minors from playing on the site of any casino. Gambling can be dangerous in that it can be addictive. The Vera&John casino site is aware of this, and advises you to monitor your condition while playing on the site. Understand in advance how much time and money you want to devote to a casino and so on. In order to more effectively control their actions on the site, the casino offers several types of limits that will help prevent gaming addiction. It can be limits on deposits, spending time on the site, limits on losses and limits on bets. In the first case, the player himself indicates how much money he can invest on the site, in the second – how much time he can spend on the site, in the third – how much he can lose in a day and in the fourth – how much he can put in the game.

All these limits are set by the player independently, through the help of the support service. Well, self-exclusion and the cooling period. The cooling period is set from one day to six weeks. If the player needs more time to recover – this period will be called the period of self-exclusion. During this period, the player does not have the right to create other accounts on other sites of online casinos, and all his data on the account will be saved and restored, after the period of “rest”. The main thing is to remember that all games should be for pleasure only.

Mobile Casino

The Vera&John casino website also offers its services to mobile devices with Android and IOS software. You can play in the casino from any browser that is on your device. Whether it’s a tablet, phone or other mobile device. Playing the mobile version of the casino, the player will be pleasantly surprised that there will be no loss of quality, loss of some options and functions, and even vice versa. For the mobile version, the casino has developed and dedicated a special section of games that are ideal for the device. Tournaments will also be available through the mobile application, so the user of the site will be able to take part in them from anywhere in the world. Through the mobile version of the casino, you can also make deposits and cash withdrawals, the procedure takes as much time as through a PC, and you do not need to create a second account at all. As well as a support service, which is also available through an abundant version. No restrictions or problems with the mobile version! Only the best option for your customers.

Our Conclusion

To summarize our review regarding Vera&John casino. We will be honest and say that this is a good casino, with good bonus offers, a good license, an interesting site and a non-standard loyalty program. Having started its activities in 2012, the developers and creators clearly tried to ensure that the casino provides as much pleasure as possible. The casino assures that any casino takes its history from ancient times, and the name of the casino comes from the Italian word “Casa”, which meant a suburban house or cottage. Due to the fact that the casino actively declares and supports the fact that the casino was exclusively for pleasure, the site has a dedicated section of the responsible game, in which the casino offers its users several types of limits and restrictions, as well as time-outs. All this is created in order to prevent gambling addiction.

This is not the only expression of concern for their customers. The casino site offers its players a first-class support service, which is ready to assist in live chat, by email and by phone number. At the same time, the site has a special section for frequently asked questions, where a large amount of information has been collected regarding all sections of the site. This is like a compact guide to using the site. Great find for beginners.

As for beginners, the site has a good welcome bonus, which doubles the amount of the deposit twice. In addition, on the site you can find a huge number of other various bonuses and promotions that give their amenities. Plus, the casino has a loyalty program. The essence of which is to earn coins and change them for free spins and bonuses.

The site has several types of banking systems through which it is possible to draw conclusions and transfers.

It is also worth noting the convenient casino site, and the convenient cataloging of games on the site. Games are really very easy to search and select on the site. And their variety is pleasantly surprising. In addition to a convenient site, the site is also easy to register and create your account. What can I say, about the excellent mobile version of the site, in which the number of options is not inferior to the options that are available on the PC.

Summing up, we can say that Vera&John casino is a great casino for beginners. Even despite the ban on casinos in many countries, its popularity is growing as well as the variety of games on the site. So get ready to have fun and only tune in to victory!